Kevin Rector

Hello there! I am a soon to be software engineer currently in my final year at WGU for a degree in computer science. My goal is to work in back-end development after obtaining my degree. I always love solving problems and working on fun projects!

About Me

My name is Kevin Rector and I am in my final year at WGU for computer science. I have always loved working with computers since I was a toddler. My dream is to be a software engineer where I may take part in impacting people's lives in meaningful way.

I knew growing up I would work in a field that involved computers. I took interest in programming during a computer class in High School years ago. I enjoy the challenges and new experiences I have each day when learning. Being apart of the technology industry has been my goal for my entire life.

My interests include gaming, building/working with computers, programming, golf, and films.


I have academic and personal experience with C++, HTML, CSS, and Python. I am currently learning Java and Javascript.


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Destiny Rep

I am currently working on a web app that will pull from Bungies API for Destiny 2. This tool will allow the user to tracker their reputation with multiple factions in Destiny 2. Instead of having to go in game and check with vendors, this website will have all the information in one place!