Kevin Rector

Hello there! I am a soon to be software engineer currently in my final year at WGU for a degree in computer science from Kansas City, MO. My goal is to work in back-end development after obtaining my degree. I always love solving problems and working on fun projects!

About Me

My name is Kevin Rector and I am in my final year at WGU for computer science. I have always loved working with computers since I was a toddler. My dream is to be a software engineer where I may take part in impacting people's lives in meaningful way.

I knew growing up I would work in a field that involved computers. I took interest in programming during a computer class in High School years ago. I enjoy the challenges and new experiences I have each day when learning. Being apart of the technology industry has been my goal for my entire life.

My interests include gaming, building/working with computers, programming, golf, and films.


I have experience with C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Python. I am currently learning Java and Javascript.

I also have experience with MariaDB, nginx, and dbeaver . I have learned a lot from selfhosting a lot on my personal servers.


Modding Guide image cap
Modding Tutorial Site

I have deloped a detailed guide for modding specific games such as Skyrim and soon Starfield. The site includes setup guides for Mod Organizer and LOOT. Check it out at!

I created a database that I have self-hosted that houses data such as my mod list. This allows for easy updating and consistency. I mainly created this site to practice php, SQL, and learn how to display data from a maridadb server on to a website.

Weather Web App

I have been developing a simple site to practice APIs with:!

This was my first real time using an API so I wanted to create a simple site and used the API from OpenWeatherMap. Has a simple search bar and displays Current weather and the user can request hourly and 5 day forecasts.